I Caught A Cat Burglar

This is a random post and has nothing to do with any of the products on this site, but it’s a GREAT story and you might find something useful at the end of this.


Several months ago, my girlfriend bought a blueberry loaf for the family to enjoy at breakfast during the weekend. One day, she asked me if I dropped the loaf onto the floor from the kitchen counter and forgot to pick it up because she noticed that there was a hole in the plastic wrapping that covered the loaf. She assumed that the loaf had dropped and that one of our small dogs had gotten to it and started “snacking” on the loaf. I told her “No, I don’t think I did”, but I could have easily just “forgotten” it happened. She decided to stick the bread into a large Ziploc bag to keep it fresh and that was that. A few nights later, she noticed another hole in the Ziploc bag and asked me again. This time, I was sure I didn’t knock over the bread onto the floor. This really concerned me. I started thinking that maybe we had a rodent problem…a LARGE rodent problem! I looked around the kitchen, in the kitchen cabinets and drawers for signs of droppings and saw nothing. I was so confused. There were no signs of any rodents, so what could it be?

This is when I decided to use my love of technology to see if I can somehow “catch” the culprit in the act! I was already using this GREAT, FREE video security app called Alfred (available on both Android and iPhone) and I installed it on all my mobile devices. This is a great app that allows you to turn any of your old cell phones, tablets into security cams. In fact, I currently use this app with built-in motion detection and night vision, as my front door security cam on my old MyTouch 4G cell phone. That being said, I had to come up with a “plan.” Well…it wasn’t so much of a plan as much as making sure everything was set up correctly. I already installed the app onto my 3 yr old’s Amazon Kindle Fire, so all I had to do was find a good spot to place the tablet on the counter. After that, I had to make sure the loaf was on the counter so the culprit could see it. After that, all I had to do was make sure there was enough light to catch the perpetrator in the act! The stage was set and now we just had to wait.

We put the kids to bed and turned off all the lights in the house except for the light above the kitchen sink. We got into bed and I checked the Alfred app to make sure the motion-detection was on and got ready to sleep. A little after 11pm, right before I started drifting into a deep sleep, my phone BLASTED me with a notification! Well…it didn’t really “blast” me, but it seemed like it because the room was totally silent before it went off. I leaned over, picked up my phone, and checked the notification. It was the Alfred app letting me know “something” was going on in the kitchen. I checked the app and this is what I saw:

The Cat Burglar – Click on the image to watch the clip

I CAUGHT the culprit!!! It was a random cat! I couldn’t believe it! Apparently, the cat has been entering through the doggie-door in our laundry room and snacking on the blueberry loaf. It didn’t touch anything else in the kitchen…just the loaf. Crazy!!! Needless to say, I was NOT happy. Now, I have to close the doggie-door right before I go to bed every night. I’m still deciding on what to do with that cat now that I know it likes to enter random people’s homes and grab a bite to eat.

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