Keepin’ Up With My Kids

Keepin’ Up With My Kids

Most (probably all) of you don’t know that I have 3 boys. Ian (7), Diego (3), and Enzo (4 months) are my pride and joy! I truly did not know that I had this much love to give. Granted, they’re boys and they can drive me crazy, but that’s to be expected. If you continue to follow this blog, you’ll soon learn that I am a self-proclaimed “geek” and I LOVE gadgets! That being said, there was a time where I wondered if it would be possible to “easily” keep track of my boys. Luckily, Enzo is still too small to run around, but Ian and Diego…well, that’s a totally different story. Put those boys together and it can get pretty chaotic! I try to take them out to the park to play, but it can get difficult keeping tabs on both of them because Diego might want to play on the playground and Ian will want to play catch with me. Until recently, it was very difficult for me to keep track of both boys at the same time. That’s when I did some research and discovered two kids gps smartwatches that would allow me to track both boys with ease.

I found two smartwatches:

q50 gps smartwatch
Q50 GPS Smartwatch
q60 gps smartwatch
Q60 GPS Smartwatch


My 3yo is currently using the Q50 and my 8yo is using the Q60. Both are made with high-quality materials and definitely seem durable enough for kids. The display on both are basic, but the do the job. We’ll see how long they last.

One of the questions I get is about the SIM card….”Which one should I buy?” I found a company called Ting, it’s pay-as-you need company. Right now, I have 2 SIM cards with 100 minutes, 100 text messages, and 100 MB of data for $21 this month. These smartwatches don’t use much data at all. The phone calls will only happen in an emergency (or when testing, like me) and you won’t need many text messages. For me…$21 to be able to keep track of my kids, it’s worth it.

Speaking of tracking, both of theses smartwatches utilize and app called SE Tracker (They have a new one now called SE Tracker 2). The app is the main hub in which you will communicate with your kid through the watch. It’s a nice little app that packs a lot of features worthy of a separate post.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep tabs and have the ability to communicate with your kids, these smartwatches are a great investment.


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